Fees may be fixed, estimated, or hourly.

Fixed Fees:  A fixed fee may be charged for services where there is a clearly defined objective, e.g. preparation of a Will, Ancillary Documents, creation of business entity, preparation of a lease or rental agreement or other contract, e.g. real estate sale and purchase agreement (not including negotiations), deeds, promissory notes, deeds of trust, assignments, etc. Some fixed fees are based upon a limited amount of consultation time or extent of revisions made after a specific plan has been agreed upon.

Estimated Fee:  A fee may be estimated or approximated when most of the services to be rendered are well-defined, but some are yet to be negotiated or  determined. An example in the business entity area may include a fixed fee for creation and organization of the entity, but undetermined negotiations necessary to create and finalize a partnership agreement, shareholder buy-sell or redemption agreement, lease or rental agreement, and employment agreement.

Hourly Fee:  This type of fee is determined by multiplying the number of attorney hours required times the attorney’s then current hourly rate. The hourly rate is based upon the legal experience required, the complexity of the services to be rendered, the urgency of the client’s needs and the extent to which the attorney must be required to suspend services to other clients.

Current Hourly Rate = $400.00

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Some Fees for Typical & Frequent Matters:

Estate Planning

Wills:  [includes conference, document preparation & supervision of execution]

Simple: [no trusts or complex distribution of assets] for one person; one conference (30 minutes or less) $395

Ditto for husband & wife; one conference (45 minutes or less) $595

Complex:  [will with testamentary trust for children, grandchildren, etc. or complex distribution of assets] for one person, one conference (45 minutes or less) $595

Ditto for husband & wife; one conference (60 minutes or less) $895

Note:  Additional fees will be charged at the attorney’s current hourly rate for more conference time.

Note:  Add all Ancillary Documents (see Glossary of Legal Terms) including the additional conference time required. $200 for one person or $300 for husband & wife. One or more, but fewer than all, Ancillary Documents may be added at separate document pricing.

Living Trusts:  [includes conference, document preparation & supervision of execution]

Simple with Pourover Will for one person [no tax planning] (one conference up to 60 minutes)  $795 (not including deeds or other transfer documents)

Ditto for husband & wife (one conference up to 90 minutes) $1,195

Tax Sheltering Living Trust with Pourover Will for husband & wife [inclusion of one or more:  QTIP, Bypass & Management trusts for spouse and others] (one conference up to 90 minutes  $1,500  (not including deeds or other transfer documents)

Irrevocable/Non-Amendable Education Trust for Child or Grandchild [Grantor is one or two persons (husband & wife) one conference up to 90 minutes $995

Ditto Irrevocable/Non-Amendable Trust for Child or Grandchild  $995

Irrevocable/Non-Amendable Life Insurance Trust (“ILIT”) one conference up to 60 minutes  $995

Supplemental Nees Trust (“SNT”) for person receiving or expecting to receive governmental benefits (one beneficiary) [Grantor is one person or husband & wife] one conference up to 60 minutes $995

Qualifying Income Trust (“QIT”) for a person receiving more income than allowed for Medicaid Benefits (one conference up to 60 minutes) $995

Ancillary Estate Planning Documents [not prepared with a Will or Trust]

  • Statutory Durable Power of Attorney with Disclosure Statement $150 (with consultation) $75 (without consultation)
  • Medical Power of Attorney with HIPAA Release & Authorization $150 (with consultation) $75 (without consultation)
  • Directive to Physicians & Family or Surrogates (so-called Living Will) $100 (with consultation) $50 (without consultation)
  • Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Incapacity or Later Need of a Guardian $75(with consultation) $50 (without consultation)
  • Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains $75 (with consultation) $50 (without consultation)

Note:  These fees are for a single document. The same type of document prepared (one each) for husband & wife will be 1 1/2 times the single document price.


Uncontested Probate of a self-proving Texas Will with Independent Executor (not dependent upon estate value or number of assets): $3,080 + costs for filing fees, newspaper notice, letters testamentary, certified copies, etc. Approximately $450

Dependent Administration, Heirship Determination, Will not self-proving: Hourly Rate

Settlement by Small Estate Affidavit: $795 + filing fees & certified copies

Affidavit of Heirship:  $200 for one; $50 for each additional

Real Estate Matters

Preparation of agreements, contracts, loan documents, leases, foreclosures, evictions, etc.: Hourly, but may be estimated when all information is available.

Formation of Business Entity

Corporation or Limited Liability Company (Texas):  Attorney’s Fee $1,200 [If more than one shareholder, hourly rate for additional consultation time and negotiating and preparing of buy-sell or redemption agreement.] Fee includes corporate charter, bylaws and organizational resolutions or minutes and issuance of initial shares.

  • Name Search with Texas Secretary of State:  $1/name
  • Secretary of State Filing Fee:  $300
  • Secretary of State Special Handling Fee:  $25
  • Supplies (record book, share certificates, etc.):  $25
  • Additional Fees for employment contracts, lease agreements or review thereof or any other documents.

General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Family Limited Partnership, Professional Entities:  Because there are so many variations, a typical fee cannot be estimated until after the initial conference.

Assumed Name Certificate & Filing:  I can tell you how to do this yourself.

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