Should my digital property (see glossary) be included in my estate plan?  Yes. Although not included in the definition of “property” under the laws of Texas, and probably not transferable by bequest in your Will, you should make some provisions for what happens to such rights after your death. Some account managers, such as twitter and facebook, have taken the position that they, and not the user, owns the rights to an account. Further, their privacy protection policies will not allow them to give information, e.g. user name and password, to survivors after a death. For now, and until more definitive law develop, the least, and maybe the best, action to take is to make known to some one or more persons what your passwords, usernames, etc. are. Don’t rely on having that information on your computer if your computer is password protected and you have not made that password known to others. There are some software (“locker”) programs available, but I don’t have a recommendation. PCWorld magazine has published some information. See and